Barracott Tor

This tor sits just south east and downhill from Figgie Daniel. Its a decent outcrop that seems to sit just inside and on the line of some private land and can be reached from the woodland to the north. If you are walking through the plantation, having left the road between Aller and Langstone at the main path, you need to follow that path for a short distance and then join the main track (logging path) which sets off in a southerly direction through the woods, this track is marked on the map and then looks to stop, on the ground it keeps going and leads you the southern point of the woods, the wall here has fallen and it is easy to cross into the field which leaves the woods and down to the tor. Coming down from Figgie Daniel will involve a bit of jumping over a fence. The views are decent but a bit limited by the headrows around, although there is a view down towards Manaton direction.

Height – 350 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX739820           Mark out of 10 – 5

A big old lump of granite with a little green hat on

As you can see this one straddles the private, non private boundary

A few more rocks behind the main outcrop of Barracott Tor