Bearacleave Tor

This isn’t so much, one tor. But a number of outcrops which I have lumped together. You could easily have 3 or more tors here, but I’ve included them together in the same way as Beardown Tors in one tor. The outcrops are varied, with some large rocks stacked up, some scattered clitter and rocks and other solo rocks. These outcrops are within Bearacleave Wood to the south of John Canns Lane and also lie outside the national park boundary. But like those of Whitehill Tor and Crownhill Tor I feel they are worthy of this inclusion. Being in woods there are no views and also no firing ranges near here.

Height – 175 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX816797          Mark out of 10 – 4

Bearacleave Tor

One of the solo rocks right by John Canns Lane

Scattered outcrops


Bearacleave Middle Tor, I bunch the 3 tors in here into one on my list. And yes the rock on the right does look like a backside


Under the backside rock is a huge pile of rocks, the bottom rock is an odd shape with square blocks sticking out of it, the shear size of this outcrop was astounding

The highest outcrop in Bearacleave Wood