Bench Tor

Bench Tor sits in a lovely position high above the Dart valley, looking across to Bel Tor, Mel Tor and Aish Tor on the other side. It is a simple walk to this tor from the parking spots at Venford reservoir and including a circuit of Venford in this walk makes for a fine hour on Dartmoor. There are no military areas near this tor.

Height – 313 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX691717        Mark out of 10 – 7


Bench Tor 1

Bench Tor ahead with the pyramid like Sharp Tor to the left


North Tor from Bench Tor with Sharp Tor, Mel Tor and Corndon Tor across the valley


The Dart valley froim Bench Tor

Bench Tor 3

The Dart valley below and a hazy view towards Teignmouth

Bench Tor 4

Venford Reservoir from Bench Tor, Ryders Hill behind