Black Tor (Okehampton)

Black Tor sits in the West Okement valley on the side of an area that tops out at High Willhays. This, however, does not make it a worthless place to visit, far from it, after visiting High Willhays making a beeline down to this tor is a fantastic way to end a day on the high hills. From this tor an easy path beside the West Okement River leads you back to Meldon Reservoir and its car park. There are three large outcrops on this tor with the highest being the one furthest south, however the middle one has the best views in my opinion. A further plus point are the views across to the Corn Ridge which are excellent. Black Tor also sits above another of those high altitude oak woodlands, similar to Wistman’s Wood (near Two Bridges), Black-a-tor copse is another place to see nature at its best. Black Tor sits on the edge of the Okehampton firing range.

Height – 488metres          OS Grid Reference – SX566894            Mark out of 10 – 8.5



Looking down from Black Tor to the West Okement. Homerton Hill catches the sun on the right

Looking the other way upstream along the West Okement towards Lints Tor

Fordsland Ledge from the highest of the three outcrops

Climbing to Fordsland Ledge looking back to Black Tor

Black Tor on the left from Homerton Hill

Black Tor on the left from Homerton Hill