Brent Tor

You can see Brent Tor from most of the western side of Dartmoor and lots of other spots that you wouldn’t expect. This one is the most westerly tor on Dartmoor and sits out alone with a fair bit of farmland separating it from the main Dartmoor bulk. As a result it looks quite spectacular as it rears up from the surrounding flat grassland. This rocky outcrop holds a church, The Church of St Michael of the Rock, believed to be built in 1694. The church is built on the site of an old beacon (possible to warn of invaders, Spanish Armada possibly) and also above an old hillfort. The views from the tor are very good indeed, Cornwall can easily be seen to the west, with the whole of the western side of Dartmoor in view to the east. Car parking is easy with a car park and toilets marked on the map at the foot of the path up to this one. I’m a real fan of this tor, such a simple walk but with plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the view. There are no military firing areas near here.

Height – 330 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX470803            Mark out of 10 – 10


From the gate at the bottom looking up to Brent Tor and the church

Looking to north Dartmoor with the tors around Great Links Tor in view

The church of St Michael De Rupe

South from Brent Tor


The car park is in the trees down there, its a steep drop down Brent Tor


And inside


From the top of Brent Tor a hazy view to Gibbet Hill


Sunsetting beside Brent Tor