This tor officially sits on private land, however it sits so close to Bagga Tor and the boundary wall that you can claim this one without actually standing on a rock. Head downwards from Bagga Tor to the gate in the corner and look over at Brousentor about 20 metres away. If like me you are lucky and the gate is open, walk through and claim the bagging rights and photos to go with it. There are some decent views from here, towards Hare Tor and Ger Tor to the north, Standon Hill and around to Lynch Tor as well. There are military firing ranges starting at Bagga Tor therefore be mindful if walking that way.

Height – 330 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX547807         Mark out of 10 – 6

Brousentor in the field below me, the gate is to the right of this photo and down a bit

On Brousentor looking to Hare Tor and Ger Tor

The gate

Gibbet Hill over on the left and White Hill from Brousentor