Chalk Ford Rocks

This is a small outcrop of rocks at a very obvious point on Dartmoor. Chalk Ford is a well known entrance onto the south moor, especially if you are walking out from Scorriton towards Pupers Hill, or even more popular is the fact it is part of the Two Moors Way. The rocks at this section are quite well hidden and tumble down the bank to the River Mardle below. The best outcrop is on the southern bank about 70 metres from the bridge, but in truth there are rocks down by the river just down from the bridge as well. There are no views nor firing ranges here.

Height – 250 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX685680              Mark out of 10 – 3

The bridge over Chalk Ford can be seen behind, these rocks are on the northern side

Looking along the infant River Mardle, Chalk Ford Rocks either side


The top rocks of Chalk Ford Rocks, more down below by the river

The bigger outcrop is on the northern side about 70 metres from the bridge