Challacombe Down

Challacombe Down sits between Birch Tor and Blacka Tor in central Dartmoor, to the east of Postbridge. Its a nice little hill that gives great views to the west over Soussons Down to Bellever Tor. North is Birch Tor and to the east is the historic Grimspound and Hameldown Tor. A wall bisects its summit and acts as the top of the hill, meaning in a strong wind a spot to hide is available. The Challacombe triple stone row sits on its northern face providing its own piece of history. The easiest route is from the Birch Tor side, with an easy ascent to the wall. This hill is not in any of the military firing areas.

Height – 462 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX689804            Mark out of 10 – 6



The wall on Challacombe Down, here looking west


Hameldown from the top of Challacombe Down


From Birch Tor with Challacombe Down to the left