Clay Tor

Clay Tor is a small tor of scattered rocks sitting on the side of the River Walkham behind Great Mis Tor. However depending on your trusty Dartmoor guide of Hemery or Crossing, then this tor sits in two spots, located on the map below. Crossing’s version is nearer to Blackbrook Head to the east and Hemery prefers to western outcrop. Its a tricky tor to get to either way as its sits on the opposite side of the river meaning a bit of rock hopping is needed at some point, unless you are coming from Roos Tor or White Tor. You could also arrive from Cocks Hill but that place is usually boggy and not much fun. That said if you drop down from Great Mis Tor to this one, the area around Greena Ball is pretty soggy also. The views aren’t much to write home about from this one, being low down with high ground in all directions, making the only views really along the river in both directions, with Roos Tor in view to the west. You are inside Merrivale firing range here so beware of live firing times and red flags on Great Mis Tor should you want to visit.

Height – 440 metres            OS Grid reference – SX570780 (Crossing) and SX559779 (Hemery)            Mark out of 10 – 5



Clay Tor (Crossing version) ahead on the left hand side of the river on the slope


White Tor peeping up in the distance from Clay Tor (Crossing)


Black Dunghill from Clay Tor (Crossing) with the River Walkham below


Stood on Greena Ball looking to Clay Tor (Crossing), Cocks Hill behind to the left

Clay Tor (Hemery) looking up at the back of Great Mis Tor

Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor in view from Clay Tor (Hemery)