Combestone Tor

Combestone Tor sits in a strange spot a little on its own on the south moor. It sits between Dartmeet and Holne on the lower slopes of Ryders Hill. The Dart valley is far below on its northern side and that way, along with to the east and west, the distance views are superb. There isn’t an easier tor to get to as the car park for this one is 30 metres away from the summit rocks. This makes it a starting out position, rather than somewhere you will walk to. Venford reservoir is along the road in the direction of Holne making this quite a popular place to come and sit to admire the views. No military firing near here.

Height – 350 metres               OS Grid Reference – SX670718           Mark out of 10 – 8


Combestone Tor 1

Combestone Tor from the car park! Its not far!

Combestone Tor 2

The Dart Valley running north

Combestone Tor 3

Down Ridge on the right, up to the left is the lower slopes of Ryders Hill

Combestone Tor 4

Looking west across towards Two Bridges, North Hessary Tor is the hill far left

Combestone Tor 5

Looking to the east, the Dart Valley below