Crownhill Tor

This is one of the rare tors that sits outside of the national park. Due to the china clay works at Lee Moor, this one, alongside Blackalder Tor and Whitehill Tor all sit out of the boundary. They all can be bagged in a quick 30 minute walk as they sit around the village of Lee Moor. This tor has views over the industrial part of south Dartmoor, with the Clay works surrounding this place, especially to the west, north and south. This outcrop is fairly small, however it can easily seen and found, leaving the road to the east of Whitehill Tor, along the obvious track and up to the summit. There are no military areas near this tor. BEWARE, the area of Crownhill Down has changed severely due to the Tungsten Mine and the map below no longer represents that part of the moor, any paths heading that way may no longer exist and the road no longer follows the same course as on the below map.

Height – 220 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX576609           Mark out of 10 – 3


Crownhill Tor looking west over the industrial clay works

Crownhill Tor ahead

The view east over Western Beacon is the best from Crownhill Tor

The scars of the clay works, north from Crownhill Tor