East Mill Tor

East Mill Tor sits between two tracks, two valleys and two rivers, One side is the East Okement river/valley and the other is the Black a van Brook. There are good views from here in all directions, across to Yes Tor and High Willhays or south towards Hangingstone Hill and east to Oke Tor and Cosdon Hill. Being surrounded like it is, you feel very central to the main areas of the northern moor, and travelling in any direction from here will take you to a fine tor or hill. The easiest place to park is by Observation post 22 near to Rowtor and set out along the military paths to this tor. This tor lies within the Okehampton firing range which will restrict access on certain days.

Height – 513metres          OS Grid Reference – SX599897             Mark out of 10 – 7.5


Yes Tor 30

West Mill Tor on the left from East Mill Tor

East Mill Tor 1

Leaving Okement Hill with East Mill Tor directly ahead above the road

East Mill Tor 2

Belstone Tor with Cosdon Hill to the right from East Mill Tor

East Mill Tor 3

Looking south from East Mill Tor, left to right Hangingstone Hill, Okement Hill and Great Kneeset (back right)

Yes Tor 32

East Mill Tor with Black a van brook in the valley to the right

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