Fishlake Rocks

These rocks are probably the most isolated of the rocks, tors and hills on the southern moor in my list. This place is pretty isolated indeed. Come here in winter and you will have trudged through squidgy ground from pretty much anyway you wish to approach from. They are all wet. To the south is Redlake and to get to Green Hill will mean a wet section, Fishlake mire is south and east. Nakers Hill to the north is flat and wet. Come after dry weather and you have a chance, particularly coming from Green Hill as you drop down to the rocky outcrops. Some of the rocks sit on the side of Green Hill and the other main outcrop is partly into the mire. Either way once here you will be on your own in peace and quiet, there’s no shelter for a distance from here so come prepared.

Height – 453 metres OS Grid reference – SX639680 Mark out of 10 – 6

Fishlake Rocks from Green Hill
Some of the rocks on the hillside, Fishlake Mire starts 5 metres from where I’m standing
The hillside part and the larger rocks are about 50metres apart