Great Rock

Search for Great Rock, Dartmoor, on the internet and it will bring up various, more famous rock tors on Dartmoor. This one however sits in the woodland a mile north of the village of Hennock on the eastern edge of Dartmoor. The easiest way to get to this tor is to park behind the church in the village and follow the well published walk in this area to the nearby reservoir. This walk will take you through the woodland of the same name, and past Great Rock. Which also has a mine of the same name, where iron ore was extracted for use on Royal Navy ships. The rocks of this woodland tor are big but not too far from the track so can easily be seen, there are no real views, except in winter due to the tree cover. There are no military firing areas near here.

Height – 205 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX821818           Mark out of 10 – 6

Great Rock

Great Rock 4

Great Rock from the path below


The front of Great Rock

Great Rock 5

The summit rock on Great Rock

Great Rock 6

The view in the winter

Great Rock 7

Great Rock