Kit Rocks

Kit Rocks are exactly that, a gathering of rocks a few hundreds metres north of Kit Steps on the East Dart River. Getting there is a bit of a hike, heading out from Postbridge you will pass the East Dart Waterfall and go through Sandy Hole Pass making sure you stay on the western bank until you are at Kit Steps, then cross there and keep going north. This is probably the best approach as any other can be fairly boggy. Kit Rocks is not really the summit of anything either, high ground surrounds these rocks including Flat Tor and Winney’s Down. This means that views are limited, however being beside the river makes this a nice place to be on a sunny day. Lying so close to Cut Hill means that Kit Rocks sits on the edge of the Okehampton Firing Range.

Height – 520metres          OS Grid Reference – SX613826            Mark out of 10 – 7


Black Hill away in the distance from Kit Rocks

Looking the other way and the East Dart river is wiggling its way south with Flat Tor beyond

Kit Rocks on the bank on the right, the East Dart is pretty narrow at this point and is easily crossed, there is still a mile or so that way to East Dart Head though

Kit Steps with Kit Rocks

Kit Steps, from here its a few hundreds metres upstream to Kit Rocks

Loooking back along the East Dart to Kit Rocks

Looking back along the East Dart towards Kit Rocks. Cut Hill at the back