Lower Shaptor

This outcrop is similar to that of West Shaptor, in that big outcrops and boulders tumble down the hill. As the main path (marked on the OS map) turns northeast wards to head to Shaptor Rock, this one requires you to head straight on the path and follow it, do not head up the path to Shaptor Rock. What will be handy here is a gps device, with an OS map on it preferably. Now once at the 8 on the OS map, head north and like West Shaptor this outcrop will appear. In big outcrops. There are a fair few of them, but after you’ve had enough head east for 100 metres or so to Sonny Copse Tor, before rejoining the path below. This is a large outcrop that if it wasn’t in woodland would be high on anyone’s list of great tors. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 190 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX809806         Mark out of 10 – 6

The start of Lower Shaptor


Lower Shaptor


Lower parts of Lower Shaptor

More of it up there

More outcrops the higher you go