Master Rock

This is a small outcrop just to the north of the hamlet of Zoar (great name), or to be more precise if you walk from Zoar along the track to Wheel Jewell reservoir then its on your left about 75 metres up the track. This one has the views in spades but lacks in size, these small rocks have a great vista to enjoy. Into the valley, up to Lynch Tor around to Hare Tor to the north (even a small glimpse into Tavy Cleave) and around to the south to White Tor, these are great views for an unknown outcrop. There are no military firing ranges around this tor, however north at Lane End starts the Willsworthy Range.

Height – 300 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX522808           Mark out of 10 – 7

Lynch Tor in the distance from Master Rock

Hare Tor and Ger Tor to the north. So much to see from this little rock

White Tor up on the left. Cox Tor in the sunshine