Neadon Cleave South Tor

This one appears to be a split tor which runs down the hill a bit. Part of it starts on the lane around the easterly end of Horsham which heads into Neadon Cleave. The last house of that lane has a tarmac track which loops to join another lane to the south. Just below this track is the top most part of this tor, the official footpath is just off the tarmac (below in the high foliage if walking in summer). At the corner is a rock which doesn’t look much until you head below it, it is pretty huge, from here downwards starts the tor, the path below running back into Neadon holds more of this tor. Head along the narrow path from the house into Neadon and past the rocks on your left and then look up after the end of the fence. A place covered in trees but full of large boulders.

Height – 215 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX758815          Mark out of 10 – 3.5

Its covered in ivy but the face of the rock to the right is huge

On the path back into Neadon Cleave, rocks appears. The previous photo was taken just up to the right of here, the other side of this hedgerow

As you enter Neadon Cleave, through the gate from the last photo, head up to the left to see some large rocks