Pupers Hill

Pupers Hill  is another hill on Dartmoor with a legend linked to it. Again, like Staldon Stone Circle, another group of youngsters were punished for enjoying themselves on a Sunday. Here, not only did they dance but they played music as well. This time they went up to Pupers Hill however again lightning turned them all to stone. They are spread around the site in stony piles, as a tor would be. It is a great hill, with views that would befit a higher place. To the east the ground falls away, running down towards Teignmouth and behind is Snowdon rising gently towards Ryders Hill. The easiest way to this hill is to park at Cross Furzes and walk past Lud Gate and onto this hill. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 467 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX672673             Mark out of 10 – 6



Looking east from Pupers Hill to Hameldown and Rippon Tor


Eastern White Barrow (on the right) stands out from Pupers Hill

Snowdon from Pupers Hill


A distant Teignmouth