Rectory Tor

As its name suggests, this tor sits near to the rectory in Moretonhampstead. The outcrop itself is partly artificial in that some of the lower rocks have been moved to collect together with some others. There is also a pile above which makes a decent sized tor. The easiest way to this tor is to walk out of Moretonhampstead, along the Exeter road, turn left after the village cross on to a field behind the church. Follow the path across the field, through a gate, and downhill. Over a stile and the tor is in front of you. There is a bit of a view from this tor in a south east direction, but other than that you are below higher ground in most of the directions. No firing ranges near this place.

Height – 178metres OS Grid Reference – SX757862 Mark out of 10 – 4.5

Rectory Tor, part of the base appears to have been piled up a bit, although a few of the larger stones look to be in their original place
The upper outcrop is in a copse of trees
A wall has been joined to the larger rocks which runs alongside the path