Rooks Hole Tor

This is an absolute monster of a woodland tor. This is probably the largest of the woodland tors on Dartmoor and deserves to be talked about in the same breath as other much more lorded tors, such as Haytor, Hound Tor (Manaton) and Sheeps Tor. There are two huge white cliffs of rock here, both with plenty of outcrops around them. These outcrops would make a pretty large tor in themselves but next to the main bulk they look like pebbles. Behind each of the cliffs lies another tower of rock, marking the high point on this tor, but its the cliffs that will draw the attention. You can get on to both of them although the easterly one is a little easier. Getting on the outcrop will provide a bit of a view over the canopy, especially in winter. The main path running to or from John Canns Lane passes 40 or so metres below this tor and you should be able to see its white face gleaming at you as a few of the trees have been cleared near the rock. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 185 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX812803          Mark out of 10 – 8.5

Rooks Hole Tor, the face of the rock is at least 8metres in height

From the top and Black Hill in the distance

The smaller outcrops are still big

One of the outcrops behind the main bulk of Rooks Hole Tor


Rooks Hole Tor


The white rocks can be seen at the back, these nearer boulders will be seen easily from the path