Rose Cottage Rocks

This outcrop was the last one captured on my Foster 500 list and the views from it made it a fine choice. The outcrop itself isn’t really very much to shout about, with some small boulders and flat rocks. There used to be a bench at the top (I assume put there by the owners of the cottage of the same name) but it wasn’t there when I went. Its the views though that make this place, to Cosdon Hill in the north down to Hameldown and Haytor. In the summer months the bracken will be high so come in spring and see a few bluebells whilst you are here. There are no military firing ranges around these parts.

Height – 315 metres OS Grid Reference – SX778847 Mark out of 10 – 4.5

The narrow lane below gives access to some of the lower boulders
A bit higher up are the main section of rocks
Great views towards Hameldown
The highest part and the cottage is through the trees just there. There used to be a bench here, but no longer