Sandy Hole Rocks

These rocks are neatly situated at either end of the Sandy Hole Pass, just north of the East Dart Waterfall. There are two lots of rocks, simply called north and south to make things very simple. The southern rocks sit either side of the river with rocky outcrops in view as you approach from the waterfall. The northern outcrop is on the western side and sit very near to the Broada Stones. The views are either along the river through the pass or out of the pass northwards towards Kit Steps or south towards the waterfall. Its a fine spot sitting fairly deep into the north moor and is best approached from the south past the waterfall, the best path being to the west of the river. The Merrivale firing range sits to the north and west of these rocks so beware if you are heading that way.

Height – 500 metres            OS Grid reference – SX622814            Mark out of 10 – 5.5

Looking to the entrance to Sandy Hole Pass and the rocks at the southern end

Sandy Hole Rocks south

Looking out of the southern end

The northern outcrop

Looking into Sandy Hole Pass from the northern rocks