Now until recently this outcrop was hidden from view, locals spoke quietly of its existence, no one sure if it truly was there. This is Shillyrock or the Druid’s Altar, the latter name is obvious when you see it. The rocks were hidden for many years within the plantation, covered with trees not even Google satellite view could see it. Now however it has emerged, well at least for the next 10 years, by 2030 I would assumed it will be gone again as the saplings grow around it. The rocks themselves aren’t too big but without the trees the views are pretty good. Heltor Rock is in view to the north. The track here is through the plantation, come in from the barrier gate which gives access to the track or the huge mast that is nearby and walk through the trees to the track. Once on the track follow it to the outcrop, then carry on following it to a gate further along the road if you are heading to Kennick reservoir. There are no military firing ranges near here.

Height – 315 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX792851          Mark out of 10 – 5

Shillyrock in the sunshine

Heltor Rock to the north

The plantation would have covered the outcrop, luckily now the trees have been cutback to reveal this rocky spot