Lots of tors from Two Bridges

A decent stretch of good weather has meant that Dartmoor has dried a little and is perfect for a trek into some of the more central areas, far from roads. This area stacks up the tors, 16 of them in such a small area, some of them are very impressive, others smaller outcrops, some just a long way from a road. Alongside the tors there’s a leat, rivers, a menhir, bridges and a broken down house in the middle of nowhere, something for everyone. The walk was a bit squelchy, but I figured it would be good ground to prepare on before heading to the Lakes. I love the simple ridge up to Higher White Tor, and especially love looking back along the line of tors from Higher White, out the back of that you enter a bit of a wilderness, dotted with places to see and grassy, boggy paths that link them. The views were pretty good though throughout, especially along some of the valleys looking south. This was a good walk and allowed for me to pick off one Dartmoor 365 square which was sitting out on its own a bit (Travellers ford). By the end I was ready for the Lakes, after a few more days at work that is!

Start – Two Bridges parking

Route – Two Bridges Quarry Tor – Crockern Tor – Little Bee Tor – Littaford Tor – Little Longaford Tor – Longaford Tor – Higher White TorLittle Whiten TorLower White Tor – Cherrybrook Rocks – Browns House – West Dart River – Rough TorSouth Devils TorDevils TorBeardown ManMaiden HillConies Down Tor – Travellers Ford – Lydford TorBeardown TorsDevonport Leat – Beardown Farm – Beardown Farm ClapperCowsic Bridge BTwo Bridges

Distance – 11 miles    Start time – 9.30am   Time taken – 5hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Rough Tor 547m

Weather – Sunny, breezy

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In the car park is Two Bridges Quarry Tor, uncovered by man but an important tor on Dartmoor as it shows how weathering occurs on the tors before it is exposed to outdoor Dartmoor elements
Along the path to Crockern farm, you can see Longaford Tor away in the distance
On Crockern Tor now, that’s the Parliament seat down there, the road to Two Bridges also and the Princetown mast on the right at the back
The ridge to Longaford Tor with Higher White Tor to the right of that. Beardown Tors is on the left, I’ll be there later
Looking across to Beardown Tors from Little Bee Tor
The tors come thick and fast along here, this is Littaford Tor looking to Bellever Forest, Hameldown back left
I’ve walked past Little Longaford, so this is Longaford Tor and one of the most recognisable tors on the moor. Higher White back right is next for me
Always loved this view back to Longaford Tor and beyond
Bellever Forest from Higher White Tor, Hameldown ridge is back left with Rippon Tor right of that, furthest right is Yar Tor and Sharp Tor
Out the back of Higher White is Lower White down to the right, the West Dart River is wriggling in the centre. However I follow the wall to the left next
Down to Little Whiten Tor, not much here really but a decent view north along the West Dart. Rough Tor is up on the left hand side
Looking back to Little Whiten Tor as I leave to head to Lower White Tor
On Lower White Tor now that Broadown Tor over there, between me and it is the Cherrybrook, I’ll head that far but not up to Broadown this time
Lower White Tor looking over Archerton bog
Lovely view along the Cherrybrook from the rocks of the same name
It was getting boggier as I walked from Cherrybrook Rocks, here I am at Tom Brown’s House, not serving tea and cake today unfortunately. The back of the Beardown Tors there over to the right
The obvious grassy path from Cherrybrook past Browns House and up towards Rough Tor
On Rough Tor now, looking the right way to a great view of Longaford Tor left and Beardown Tors right with Crow Tor in view looking like its sliding down the hill towards Beardown Tors
Out the back of Rough Tor is a lot of not a lot. Proper walking in the wilderness back there, Cut Hill up on the left and the head of the West Dart between here and there
Walking from Rough Tor to Devils Tor you get this great view along the valley
When leaving Rough Tor you are drawn to this tor, South Devils Tor rather than Devils Tor which is about 200 metres north of this outcrop, always worth a visit this one
Now on Devils Tor looking across to Rough Tor, the flat nature of Devils Tor makes it harder to find from Rough Tor, which is why South Devils is the natural draw
Beardown Man, second tallest menhir on Dartmoor. That’s Great Mis Tor in the distance and Princetown mast to the left of the menhir
Walking around Cowsic head here, another lovely valley view
Maiden Hill and another lot of nothing with Cut Hill and Fur Tor peeking up in the distance
Same spot with tors to the west, Hare Tor, Sharp Tor and up to Great Links Tor
Conies Down Tor and the great view along the Cowsic River
I dropped down from Conies Down Tor to Travellers Ford (Dartmoor 365)
On Lydford Tor now, looking over towards Holming Beam (bunch of trees) and the Princetown mast behind
Lydford Tor to the Beardown Tors
On the Beardown Tors now, its like a spiders web of paths and rivers down there. Rough Tor is back left and Crow Tor is this way of it. The West Dart River making an inverted S below and Higher White Tor up on the right
From one Beardown Tor to another
I visited 2 of the three Beardowns before dropping down to the Devonport Leat and its an easy walk out from here
Longaford Tor always looks good from here
Into the woods, still following the leat
Lambing time at Beardown farm
The Beardown Farm clapper bridge on of three bridges at the end of this walk
Cowsic River Bridge
And Two Bridges to finish with, such a good walk, lovely weather, good tors, and some lovely isolated areas where I saw very few people. Perfect

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