Slipper Stones

The Slipper Stones are are group of granite stones tumbling down the hill opposite Black Tor on the side of the West Okement Valley. The stones themselves are further down the hill than you think as there are lots of granite running down the hill. They offer some of the best views along that valley as well as across to Yes Tor and High Willhays. Far below runs the West Okement river and an approach from this direction and then heading up to Branscombe’s Loaf is best left to the Sherpa Tensings of this world!! Personally a route from Stenga Tor or Branscombe’s Loaf is the easiest direction to find this spot. The Slipper Stones sits on the edge of the Okehampton firing range and any walks to the east will walk into this area.

Height – 446 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX562888              Mark out of 10 – 4


Slipper Stones 1

The West Okement valley from the top of the Slipper Stones

Slipper Stones 2

Black Tor across from the Slipper Stones

Slipper Stones 3

Lovely views

Slipper Stones 4

Looking up to Branscombe’s Loaf