Tor Rocks

These are a scattering of outcrops and rocks to the south of the Butter Brook, just a short stroll from Harford Gate car park. In fact the only tricky part could be crossing the brook after heavy rain, however there should be a spot where you can jump. There are some pretty good views to the west towards Penn Beacon, with higher ground to the east the view is upwards to Weatherdon Hill. This isn’t really a tor you will have as your main target, however it is likely to be your first or last tor as you park at Harford Gate. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 232 metres             OS Grid Reference – SX641590            Mark out of 10 – 4

The boys on one of the outcrops making up Tor Rocks

Looking up to Weatherdon Hill on the left and Butterdon Hill to the right

Standon Hill in the sunshine from Tor Rocks


Me and Linda stood on Tor Rocks, more of it below here and beyond is Stalldown Barrow, Sharp Tor (Ugborough Beacon) is up to the right