Virtuous Lady Crags

A name given by another Dartmoor walker, and sitting close to the mine of the same name it makes perfect sense. Doublewater Crags could be another name. However I like the flamboyance of the Virtuous name, so I’m sticking with that. This is infact a few outcrops which start at Doublewaters (the joining of the Rivers Walkham and Tavy) and head westward. The first outcrop is right by the bridge at Doublewaters and can be easily found, the second is a short distance along the path also to the left of the path, and will be easily seen. Carry on along the path as as it turns sharply left and upwards you will see the final outcrop looming large above you. There’s not more than a few hundred metres between all of them and all are a fine outcrop. None really have a view from their summit, apart from the highest one, which in winter reveals a slight view through the trees, across to West Down. There are no military firing ranges near here.

Height – 65 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX474698            Mark out of 10 – 4.5

Virtuous Lady Crags, that’s the West Devon Way heading away towards Yelverton on the left. Out of shot on the left is Doublewaters

Virtuous Lady Crags

The second outcrop

The final outcrop, the path rises up on the right and runs behind the rocks.