Vellake Corner Bridge and Weir

This is a couple of crossing points over the West Okement river at the western end of Meldon Reservoir. These two crossing points are pretty close together however they take you to different end points so choosing which one you want can be important. The bridge takes you onto a private path around the northern side of the Meldon Reservoir, where as the weir is best used to get up and down from Shelstone Tor and to join routes over South Down via the West Devon Way path. After long periods of heavy rain the low land to the east of both these crossings can flood meaning a crossing is impossible, so beware of that if you are counting on this. Otherwise they are great ways to link to western side of Dartmoor to the highest points of Yes Tor and High Willhays.

Vellake Corner, the weir can be seen bottom right ish and the bridge is above the loan tree to the right of the river

Bit of zoom on the loan tree with the bridge easier to see now

The weir at Vellake Corner

The West Okement flows under the weir