Walla Brook Stepping stones and Clapper bridge

Now there are two Walla Brook’s on Dartmoor, one on the north moor near to Scorhill and this one just north of Dartmeet in the centre of the moor. This bridge is a 100 metres or so north of where the Walla Brook joins the East Dart river. Where the brook joins the Dart is also the point where the stepping stones lie. Now these stones cross the East Dart, so before you all write in and tell me I’ve named these wrongly, I know, I just don’t want to create another page for two crossings that sit so close to each other. The stepping stones go by the local name of Babeny Steps and provide a nice way to cross the East Dart and complete a nice circular walk from Dartmeet and back via Brimpts Farm.

Walla Brook Clapper bridge number 2 on this website

Looking back in the direction of where the East Dart joins the Walla Brook

Across the clapper bridge

The stepping stones (Babeny Steps) across the East Dart, the Walla Brook is coming from the left