Deancombe Farm

Head along the lane from Norsworthy Bridge heading southeast and you will pass, first Middleworth Farm, and then the remains of Deancombe Farm. Spread along the side of Deancombe Lane are the substantial ruins of Deancombe Farm, first recorded in 1381, There are no less than twenty one ruined buildings at the site, including a possible pigsty and pen, a converted longhouse, the foundations of a barn, an outer courtyard in which stands a large granite trough, two ruined barns, and the ruins of the more recent house on the opposite side of the lane at the bend. The ruins are mainly covered in moss now but you can make out how the farm sat in the landscape. Keep heading along this lane to reach the potato cave and Combshead Farm.

Broken down farm building of Deancombe Farm

A gatepost from the farm

Deancombe Lane, with farm walls and buildings either side

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