Hembury Castle

This place started out as an Iron Age hillfort from 500BC to 50AD, with inner rampart and surrounded by a circular type bank, after this the use of the fort was left for around 1000 years. In 1070 up to 1150 it was used as a classic timber motte and bailey Norman castle. Since this time, the trees have encroached and grown, the vegetation has got thicker, but with the management of the important areas you can still walk around easily. The bracken grows strongly so the best time to visit will be in the spring months before it gets going, this site also has High Brown Fritillary butterflies, which are very rare in this country now.

The info board at the end of the path before passing through the gate into the castle area
The centre rampart of the castle
High Brown Fritillary at Hembury Castle
The edge of the castle, with the ditch and steep banking which circles the castle ramparts