Willsworthy Firing Range

Willsworthy range has been in existence since the early 1900s when 3,448 acres of Willsworthy Manor and commoners’ right were purchased by the War Office. During the 1920s this land was then turned into rifle, grenade and field firing ranges to stand alongside, the already established ranges in north Dartmoor, around Okehampton Camp. Naturally during the second world war the firing areas, and Dartmoor as a whole, were used for military practice, especially by the US Army. After many instances of live shells and ammunition being found by the general public and one terrible occurrence were a boy was killed by an mortar shell near Cranmere Pool, the MOD and Dartmoor steering groups came together to form the current agreement of the firing ranges being used as needed by the armed forces and open to the public when they are not. Red flags and lights clearly fly when live activities are taking place and the dates are published (Here). The armed forces clear up after use and are far more respectful of the area and the Willsworthy Camp has now moved off the open moor. Its a fascinating place to look around when the area is open to the public.



The firing range can clearly be seen on White Hill with Hare Tor beyond


Part of Willsworthy Firing Range


Target practice


One of the ranges (I’m stood by the numbers in the photo above)


The boys playing soldiers!!


Mobile targets