Caters Beam

The first point I will make about Caters Beam is that it isn’t what you might think it is. Caters Beam is in fact a hill, why then put it on this page you may ask. Well its far more well known for a railway sleeper, stuck vertical in a socket, and as such could be named Caters Beam!! You could class the top of the hill as this sleeper if you like. However the hill isn’t the feature for me, it’s the actual sleeper or “beam” which is a few hundred metres to the west of the C, of Caters, on the map. Much nearer to Crane Hill than you would think and in typically boggy ground for this area. I found it by walking up Fox Tor Girt in a southerly direction and the Beam was visible from the end of the girt. This is a bleak place however with care and following the Jobbers Path from Nun’s Cross you should find it.



The sleeper on Caters Beam


The ground is pretty level here making views difficult to come by


Princetown mast can be seen however


Caters Beam terrain