Challacombe Stone Row

This stone row is a rare and a fine example of a triple stone row sat on the side of Challacombe Down in central Dartmoor. A number of the stones at the lower end of the row have been re-erected, probably due to the nearby tin mine workings, which ran between Birch Tor and Challacombe Down. The tallest stone is furthest up the hill and from that point you get a good view back along the row and on to Birch Tor. There are currently 82 stones, although more would have stood before the mine dug up those at the northern end, it is also very easy to imagine this stone row sitting around at the same times as Grimspound, just a few hundred metres to the east.



Hameldown over to the left of Challacombe stone row


Challacombe Stone row and Birch Tor


You can just make out the circle of Grimspound in the dip. This is the headstone of the Challacombe Stone Row