Merrivale Stone Circle and Row

Sitting near to the B3357 this complex features a menhir, a stone circle and two stone rows, alongside a number of cists. The area dates back around 4000 years and is older than Stonehenge. The menhir stands at around 3.5 metres tall and is clearly visible from the road. Back in the 1600s when severe case of the bubonic plague hit nearby Tavistock, farmers would leave food at the stone rows for the people of Tavistock. This was to prevent any cross-contamination and passing of the deadly disease. The views are excellent from here and a dozen tors can be seen from this area.


Merrivale Stone Circle 1

The boys at Merrivale menhir

Merrivale Stone Circle 2

The end of the day at Merrivale, with the Staple Tors behind

Merrivale Stone Circle 3

Kings Tor in the background with the boys walking through the stone circle at Merrivale

Merrivale Stone Circle 4

One of the Merrivale Stone rows

Merrivale Stone Circle 5

And the other one with the mast at Princetown behind