Trendlebere Down Stone Row

This is a short stone row, perhaps 40 metres on Trendlebere Down, to the northeast of the road between Haytor Vale and Manaton. Depending on when you visit it can be a tricky stone row to find as most of the stones are low to the ground or lay flat. There is a cairn at the southern end although again it may be just a lump in the ground depending on the height of the gorse and grasses. Not exactly the most spectacular of the stone rows but there aren’t too many to the east of Hameldown so it is unique in that respect. The only other that I am aware of is within Tottiford reservoir itself and is usually underwater.

Gorse covering the stones at the southern end of the Trendlebere Stone Row. Lustleigh ridge is behind

An obvious upright stone about 2/3rds of the way along the row. Black Hill beyond