Whooping Rock

Another fantastic name on Dartmoor, and another that invokes legend and myth. The name Whooping Rock comes from the fact that many, many years ago the rock was a logan stone (one that rocked independantly), this logan stone was set at such an angle that any stiff breeze would make it move, rock it. The noise of the wind around the rock made a whooping noise, hence Whooping Rock. However in the 1700s some naughty people moved it, and it no longer rocks. Another story is told of the local villagers bringing their children to the rock to cure them of the whooping cough disease as they would be near to sheep, which frequented the rocks of Easdon Tor. Either way the rock is in a fabulous place with great views around and just down from the trig point on Easdon Tor.


Whooping Rock 1

Whooping Rock on top of its stack with Hameldown behind

Whooping Rock 2

The now balanced Whooping Rock, Haytor to the left in the distance