Harford parking

These are a few parking areas around the south west corner of Dartmoor allowing you to get up on to Penn, Harford, Stall and Ugborough Moors. The spaces at Harford are well used and this is a popular spot for wildcamping, you can easily get 10 cars here, and I haven’t failed to get a spot yet, If you do fail then head back down the hill and park by the church. The areas at New Waste and Rook will only fit a couple of cars at best, the New Waste area has been gated off (you can still walk through it) to stop people parking so you need to park down the road a bit.

Info map at harford parking spot

From here the walks will be towards Hangershell Rock, Sharp Tor and up or down the Two Moors Way

Harford Gate parking

Parking at Rook gate, you can get 3 cars in here I reckon. Rarely used though