Black Rock

This is a fine set of rocks in a lovely setting. Sitting right by the River Lyd, as it passes by the bridge and stepping stones, the river begins to gather pace and tumble down towards Lydford Gorge, here there is a set of rocks which hug the banks of the river. Someone has obviously decided that it is indeed a fine place as there are two benches and a war memorial (set into the rock). The strange part about this place is it is barely 5 minutes from the car park behind the Dartmoor Inn (Lydford), but yet feels like it is more remote. The rocks themselves sit on the west bank of the river, with the waterfalls below, providing a crossing point if you are careful. The views are pretty good, with Doe Tor, Brat Tor and Sharp Tor to the east, and Great Nodden up the river to the north. There are no military firing ranges immediately around this outcrop, however head east and you will hit the Willsworthy range at Doe Tor.

Height – 315metres           OS Grid Reference – SX532853          Mark out of 10 – 7

Looking across from Black Rock, to Brat Tor left, Sharp Tor at the back and Doe Tor on the right

Black Rock looking north up the River Lyd to Great Nodden

Black Rocks Falls and Black Rock on the opposite bank