Stonebarrow Hill, Golden Cap and Seatown

Another walk along this eastern stretch of the South West Coastal Path towards Portland, as I push further east towards Chesil Beach. We’d had a few days of decent sunshine so I decided on a walk that deserved a day befitting of the weather. The highest point on the entire south coast of England should suffice, with great views, green fields and easy to follow paths. There are many paths in this area, criss-crossing around Golden Cap and Stonebarrow Hill so it is easy to change this walk if you want to, or lengthen it further inland perhaps towards Hardown Hill. Myself I could have walked further along the coast but I’d have had to reach West Bay to link up with a walk a did a while ago now and that wasn’t possible even with an early start. I’m starting to understand that these walks now need an early start and less distance to allow for the shorter days at this time of year. Still I have plans for weekends away to tick off some of the further distances but this walk deserved a little bit of attention on its own. Golden Cap is rightly a popular walk, and ascending from the Langdon Hill area makes it a fairly simple ascent, the views are superb in every direction and the flat top allows for a chance to walk away and get some space and peace from others. Its a superb spot and rightly the centre point of this walk.

Start – Stonebarrow Hill car park

Route – South West Coastal Path – Golden Cap – Seatown – Langdon Hill – Norchard Farm – Upcot – Stonebarrow Hill

Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 9.20am   Time taken – 4hrs  Highest Point – Golden Cap 191m

Weather – Glorious sunshine, warm out of the wind. Clouded over at the end

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That’s the car park at Stonebarrow Hill behind and this signpost was on my last walk up here before I turned tail and headed back to Lyme Regis
First look at Golden Cap, and a golden glow from an early morning sun
There was a keen wind from the south and the waves looked lovely backed by Lyme Regis across Lyme Bay
Picking my way through fields towards Golden Cap
Reaching the bottom of the climb
The views across Lyme Bay are always behind you when you stop for a breather
Inland towards Morcombelake
Old landslides looking up to Golden Cap
Stonebarrow Hill over the fields I’ve walked so far, Chardown Hill on the right, the white house right of centre is in Upcot, I’ll walk past that later
Left of the last photo is the view to Lyme Regis, the point in the distance is Humble Point
Smiling robin
The last section to the top is up some steps but the view back just keeps on giving and is probably better from here than at the top
The top of Golden Cap is this memorial
And the glorious view to Lyme Regis
Reaching the top of Golden Cap meant a first look at view east towards Chesil Beach (curving away in the distance). Seatown is down below with Doghouse Hill and Thorncombe Beacon rising beyond the small hamlet by the beach
For reaching the top of the highest point along the south coast of England I figured cake was needed and a coffee. Despite being up high the wind was missing as I sat down, and it was lovely and warm up here in the sun
191 metres, the trig point at the top of Golden Cap
Inland again to Morcombelake with Hardown Hill behind that
Tree sculpture
Looking back at Golden Cap as I descend to Seatown
Onwards to Seatown
Down at Seatown, that’s Golden Cap looking very sheer from this angle
And the other way to Doghouse Hill, my next foray in this area will be over that hill to West Bay. I was hoping to pop into the Anchor Inn on the beach for some refreshments but unfortunately it was closed, a disadvantage of the early start as I was here at 11:30am
After walking back up the road from Seatown I turned left along a climbing track towards Langdon Hill. Here I get a view down towards Chideock
And again from further along the track, Quarry Hill back left and Frogmore Hill over on the right
I walked the good path around the northern part of Langdon Hill in the trees, then dropped down to a path crossing towards Filcombe Farm, as I exited the trees this glorious view opened up, I’m heading for that white house on the right next (Norchard Farm)
Its difficult to get lost around these lanes even with so many paths, there are lots of good signs pointing the way, I’m heading straight on towards Upcot
Another sign and view, the sign at the back points towards Stonebarrow Hill which is my route to the car. The cloud has come in now and I’m nearing the end of the walk, I’ve timed it perfectly
Lots of lovely cloud shapes, types and holes for the sun to shine through
Once at the top of Stonebarrow Hill you follow this long path back to the car park (unless you’ve parked at the other car park at the far end). To my left here was an old radar station, now used by the National Trust as a shop, not open currently though, assume its a summer opening thing only.
One last look back to Golden Cap, not quite as resplendent as it was at 9am this morning but still looking fine. This is a cracking walk, so much going for it, there is also an old church called St Gabriels at the foot of Golden Cap which I didn’t divert to as I stayed on the coastal path, but it would be easy to pick it up by following one of the many paths. An early contender for walk of the year I reckon, a superb day out

10 thoughts on “Stonebarrow Hill, Golden Cap and Seatown

    • The sun and the warmth was a real bonus, it gave me the first thought of spring and a possible change from the storms and constant grey mizzle we’d had for 2 months. So far since this day we’ve had rain, but also a few more sunny days so hopefully the weather is turning the corner a bit


  1. So glad I came across this blog post today, I was just thinking about doing a hike the opposite direction – Golden Cap to Charmouth and Lyme Regis – and from the map you’ve included it looks like that should be no problem at all! I hiked from West Bay to Golden Cap in beautiful sunshine last autumn, and climbed a little way down the side of Golden Cap so I could find and photograph the ruins of the medieval Stanton St Gabriel parish church for my blog. Did you pass it on your hike? It is such a peaceful place and has amazing views towards Charmouth and Lyme Regis.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did see the church below me to my left as I was climbing up Golden Cap, but didn’t head down to visit. Bit of a miss on my part really as I could have visited on my return leg through the lanes as well (think I was within 1/4 mile of it). Its an excuse to revisit though as I really enjoyed Golden Cap


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