Calveslake Tor

Calveslake Tor lies on a reasonably remote part of the south moor in an area that can be tricky to get to, it is always quiet here and gives the walker some much needed space. 90% of the time when arriving at or leaving from this tor, you will cross the River Plym. This means, particularly after heavy rain, you may need to watch out for the boggy areas lying close to the Plym. There are however two recognised crossing points at Plym Ford and Plym Steps both are close to this tor. Otherwise in summer it should be possible to cross the river, as at this point the Plym isn’t very wide. High ground is all around this tor, with the Hartor Tors across the Plym and both Gnats Heads behind. The source of the River Plym is also very close to the north west. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 398 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX608676             Mark out of 10 – 6


Calverslake Tor 2

The Plym valley on the left with Lower and Higher Hartor on the hill opposite

Calverslake Tor 1

Eylesbarrow from Calverslake Tor

Calverslake Tor 3

Looking up to Little Gnats Head the hill on which Calverslake Tor sits

Calverslake Tor 4

Lower Hartor Tor from Calverslake Tor

Calverslake Tor 5

And the opposite way from Little Hartor Tor back to Calverslake Tor  far right with the river Plym snaking its way upstream to Plym Head (centre left)