Cut Hill

Standing on Cut Hill it feels like you are the only one around (unless a mass walking party turn up!!) and that you are in the middle of Dartmoor. Looking at the map Belliver Tor is nearer to the middle, however from Cut Hill you can see pretty much all that is important on Dartmoor. The views are 360, to the north there is High Willhays and Yes Tor, northeast is Whitehorse and Hangingstone Hills, East is Sittaford Tor, South is Postbridge and southern Dartmoor alongside Longaford Tor and Higher White Tor, Rough Tor can be seen alongside Beardown Tor, west is Fur Tor and northwest Great Links Tor can be seen. It’s a superb place to get to and those rewards take an effort as it lies within the Okehampton firing range and is a long way from a starting point!! One good route here is from Postbridge, via the East Dart Waterfall, Sandy Hole Pass and up the peat pass to Cut Hill, its a long walk and care must be taken along with maps.

Height – 604 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX598827           Mark out of 10 – 10


Cut Hill 21

Looking to Whitehorse Hill from Cut Hill

Cut Hill 22

A distant Great Links Tor from Cut Hill


Looking south from the cairn on Cut Hill, it always feels very central standing up here as you can see both ends of the moor

Cut Hill 24

Views to Hameldown Beacon to the left from Cut Hill

Cut Hill 25

Cut Hill left and Fur Tor right from Little Kneeset