Gradner Rocks

As you walk into Hisley Woods from the Lustleigh side, past Lower Hisley you see Gradner Rocks on your left hand side. This is a sprawling outcrop, heading up the hill from the path. Some of the boulders are of a decent size and the outcrop itself is pretty large. The view out the back across the fields, back to Lustleigh are very good, and the views along Lustleigh Cleave from the path just before Gradner Rocks are brilliant. This outcrop is within the trees and views from the actual rocks are none existent, however only 5 metres walk will give you a good view. The easiest way to this place is either from Hisley Bridge below or Lustleigh village itself. There are no military firing ranges near here.

Height – 165 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX781802            Mark out of 10 – 4.5

Running up the hill is Gradner Rocks

From the path you can see this huge rock, like the prow of a boat


Gradner Rocks in the sunshine

The view out the back from Gradner Rocks

Gradner Rocks