Hawkmoor Rocks

This is a reasonably sized outcrop set into the hillside within the northwestern side of Shaptor Woods, above the housing estate of Hawkmoor Park. From the path below, as it crosses into the main Shaptor Woods section over a bridge and a stream, look up to the left and north to see the outcrop above you covered in moss and greenery. Instead of crossing the bridge, follow to path left and up to reach another smaller outcrop above and the top of Hawkmoor Rocks, which doesn’t look very impressive from above. There are very little views as the whole outcrop is covered in trees. No military firing areas near here.

Height – 170 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX805809         Mark out of 10 – 4

The main part of the rocks from the path below, there is a path which climbs to the left to another outcrop and more rocks to the right by the stream

The outcrop following the path above the main outcrop