Kelly Mine Tor

The tor sits a few steps away from the path that runs down from Bullaton Farm to Kelly Mine and on to the A382 just north of Slade Cross. There are some huge rocky outcrops either side of the path, those to the west, start around the small manmade reservoir pool half way up the path and head uphill in a northerly direction. If you look east from the same reservoir you will see the main outcrops of the tor to the east of the path. Each outcrop is pretty big and running uphill there is outcrop after outcrop. There is very little in the way of a view, although in winter you can climb to the top outcrop and get a view through the top of the woodland canopy. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 170 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX796818             Mark out of 10 – 7

Kelly Mine Tor, outcrop to the west of the path above the reservoir

Outcrops to the east of the path

Further up the hill on the eastern side

The largest outcrop and the one you can get on top of

Just over the canopy