Kitty Tor

Kitty Tor sits in a fairly isolated spot behind Great Links Tor with good views into the centre of northern Dartmoor. Depending on your route you will either have a steep climb up from the West Okement River side, a solid path approach if you have come from the Rattlebrook railway and Woodcock Hill. Or a tussocky, boggy trudge if you have come from Green Tor or Amicombe Hill. The views are excellent from one of the highest tors on Dartmoor, which seems a little strange giving the relative flat top to the hill. This tor also is the start of the Okehampton firing range and has a flag pole and observation huts at its summit.

Height – 585 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX567873            Mark out of 10 – 7


Kitty Tor 1

Kitty Tor summit with High Willhays in the distance

Kitty Tor 2

Great Links Tor from Kitty Tor

Kitty Tor 3

Kitty Tor summit

Kitty Tor 4

Lints Tor below from Kitty Tor