Lakehead Hill

This hill sits in the middle of Bellever Forest, between Postbridge and Bellever Tor. Its a very simple place to get to with plenty of paths coming up from Postbridge or from Bellever Tor itself. You can also come up from Bellever village as well to this one. There are cairns, cists, a stone row all across this hill making it a site of historic interest. The views are a little restricted with the trees surrounding this one, although if you head to the northern stone circle you get views across to Assycombe Hill. Bellever Tor can be seen from the Stone Row as can Higher White Tor to the west. There are no military areas near this hill

Height – 420 metres            OS Grid Reference –  SX643775            Mark out of 10 – 4

Lakehead Hill Stone Row

Bellever Tor from the Stone Row

Assycombe Hill to the north

One of the stone circles, the cist is just behind

The cist