Little Kneeset

God knows where they come up with the names for these tors and hills. Little Kneeset sits in a bit of a hollow, with higher ground all around. At first look, for me it was from Fur Tor, I wasn’t sure which bit was Little Kneeset, however standing on it you struggle to realise that you were over 500 metres above sea level!! The ground around Little Kneeset is pretty saturated, the best approach I have found is from Cut Hill which was fairly dry. Little Kneeset sits within the Okehampton firing range and take notice of any warnings before setting out.

Height – 507 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX585841           Mark out of 10 – 7


Cut Hill 25

Fur Tor right and Cut Hill to the left from Little Kneeset

Cut Hill 26

Looking north to High Willhays and Great Kneeset

Cut Hill 27

Hare Tor left and Great Links Tor right from Little Kneeset

Cut Hill 28

Left to right, Little Kneeset, Cut Hill and Fur Tor