Logwell Rock

This a substantial outcrop sitting within the woodland behind Blackadon Tor. Now these woodlands have a number of smaller outcrops but this one is worth a quick visit, before returning back to Blackadon Tor. This is another rocky outcrop, within woodlands, that tumbles down the hill, similar to Shaptor Rock in the east, the only downside is there isn’t a view from the summit on this one. The easiest way to get to this is to go out the back of Blackadon Tor following the wall to the west of the summit, after no more than 100 metres turn down the hill to the rocks. There is a slight opening in the trees below the main outcrop, with a fallen tree which has split down the truck providing a reference point. There are no military areas near this tor.

Height – 265 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX710734          Mark out of 10 – 4

Logwell Rock

Tumbling down the hill

Trying to look up through the trees to see the top of Logwell Rock

Big rocks at Logwell